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RECCA® – The Brand for the recycle cotton from ANANDI ENTERPRISES

Mr. Balagurunathan D.T.T.., Dpm., is basically a Textile Technologist and worked in the mill sector for 14 years and after then he started his own business “ANANDI ENTERPRISES” Anandi Enterprises has symbolized quality and trust in the yarn industry for a decade of textile industry experience and a diverse range of products that include Cotton Fibers, Cotton yarns and Fabrics. Anandi Enterprises is one of the leading suppliers of yarns & fabrics. The company has state-of-the-art infrastructure facilities and skilled personnel to rise up to customer expectation & satisfaction.

Everything we do, pollutes or taxes the Earth in some way. It is a sad and inescapable fact. But there are things we can do as individuals and businesses to lighten our impact on the environment. Such as buying and throwing away less, reusing products whenever possible, and recycling everything we can.

Recycled cotton yarn typically comes from the remnants left over after manufacturing T-Shirts (Fabric cutting clips), used cotton garments ( cut open into fiber) while plastic fiber is extruded from recycled plastic bottles. You will sometimes see this, referred to as Soda bottle yarn.

Millions of plastic bottles are discarded every year, but we are doing our part to repair the world. Technology allows us to use recycled polyester made from recycled plastic bottles and recycled cotton from cutting room scraps and textile waste to make new yarn and fabrics. We produce fabrics from sustainable materials such as recycled polyester and recycled cotton so that we can provide the most comfort and durability for you, while at the same time help the environment.

Recycled yarn is any yarn that contains fibers that were once used for something else. Probably the first such yarn available was the recycled silk yarn, made from the end bits left over from sari production. These days you are beginning to see more yarns made with recycled cotton or plastic content.


We can supply pure white recycled cotton fiber with PCW (Post Consumer Waste) and PRE Consumer Waste (Cotton clips waste) and colored fiber with GR3 Certification.

Knitted Fabric

By using the above yarns, we can give finished fabrics – ready to cut.

Woven Fabric

  •     We use 2/30 / 2/30 with dyed yarn producing Yarn Dyed apparel fabrics.


  •  Twill weave
  •  Plain weave
  •   Herrin Bone

We manufacture with recycled white fiber in Ring spun in two blends

1) 70% Virgin Cotton / Organic Cotton / BCI Cotton + 30% Recycled White Fiber (With CSP of 1800). Count Range up to 30s.
2) 60% Recycled Cotton White Fiber + 40% Recycled Pet Polyester Fiber (With CSP of 2300). Suitable for Yarn Dyeing and Weaving. Count Rage up to 34s.

OE Colored Yarns

  •     70% Colored cotton + 30% Colored Polyester. Count Range up to 30s.
  •     Suitable for Knitting.

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